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About Dads  

Biology is all it takes for a man to be a father. Dads are different. Dads are involved in the lives of their children. Dads spend time encouraging their families. A dad is among the greatest influences in any child’s life.

On the 18th, we set aside a day to honor our fathers. I have always believed we should celebrate dads, not fathers. If you have a dad who has been an important part of your life…if you have a dad who inspired you to expect more of yourself in everything you do…if you are lucky enough to have a dad who is still with you, consider giving that dad a gift that no one else can give.

Why not dig out some old photos of you and your dad enjoying time together. How about those old VHS tapes stowed away in the garage since the 1980s? Maybe you have some really old 8mm film of those Christmas celebrations in the 60s.

Let us convert those memories into DVDs to be enjoyed and shared by you and your dad, and generations to follow.

What a great way to honor your dad.