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Summer Vacation Memories  

Some of my most treasured memories involve the summer vacations we took into the areas around the Great Smoky Mountains.

My wife found some very old VHS-C tapes and 8mm films from those trips. I have been converting those tapes and films into digital video files over the past month or so.

I am amazed at how much I have forgotten about the events that made up each trip. Memories are tricky things. Over time, they fade and morph. Stories are embellished and the embellishments tend to replace the realities of what actually happened.

I have uploaded these videos to our family cloud account for my children and grandchildren to download and watch. For my daughters, it’s an opportunity to relive those wonder-filled summer vacations. For my granddaughters, it’s an opportunity to see their moms act like fools, enjoying family times together.

Do you have old summer vacation tapes or films that need to be seen again? Let us help with that. Don’t let these precious memories fade away and deteriorate.