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The Mighty iPhone

10 years ago, Steve Jobs’ vision of a new, touchscreen, handheld device became reality.

I will admit I am a Steve Jobs disciple. Jobs changed the world. He knew what we wanted (and needed) before we knew it ourselves. That’s genius in my book.

Today, it’s hard to imaging going through a day without interacting with our smart phone. We just got back from a short cruise during which I was totally off the grid for 3 days. To my surprise, the world still went on without input from me. In fact, it might have gone smoother in my absence. But almost everyone else on that ship seemed to be glued to their devices – even at poolside. Remarkable!

I try very hard to minimize the impact of my electronic devices on my life, but their power is undeniable. Most of my life is now stored in one compact device.

Perhaps best of all was the integration of a high quality camera into the smart phone. Instant photo gratification has become a way of life. Forget those days when you had to wait days or weeks to see how your pictures turned out. Today, the selfie has made all of us great photographers.

But what about all those paper photos stuffed away in boxes and bins? Those deserve to be digitized and preserved so they can be shared and enjoyed by friends and family now and in future generations. And those old VHS tapes and 8mm films from the 70s and 80s?

All those things fade and lose quality over time. We can stop the aging process and return your precious memories to their original quality. Give your children and their children the wonder of seeing you as you were all those years ago.