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Independence Day

I think we are losing our connection with the American spirit.

Our current generations of entitled young people has dulled our reliance on self. Our belief that we can accomplish anything through hard work is fading into oblivion.

I read in the local newspaper today that our area is in the top 20 areas in this country for millenials to live with parents or grandparents. To me, that’s not something to be celebrated.

Freedom has never been free, but I am fearful that we have lost some of our national resolve to sacrifice in the name of service to others. Our generation felt a strong obligation to carry on the work of the greatest generation who raised us.

I fear the Boomers have not passed along that obligation to our children. I hope I am wrong. I also hope we are never put in a position where our very survival is at stake.

Almost 250 years ago, the American spirit was birthed and those very early settlers dreamed about a land that could be theirs and theirs alone. New settlers arrived from Europe, seeking a land where they could worship freely.

The audacity of the American spirit can never be overstated. The fact that it became reality is one of history’s greatest triumphs. On this Independence Day, I hope we can fan the flames of freedom, and renew our national resolve to be a lighthouse to the world.

God bless America.