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July is National Blueberry Month

Blueberry pie has always been my favorite pie.

My grandmother cooked pretty much all day. Her life was cooking meals, cleaning up the house and caring for her family. A full-time job indeed. This 100% Italian woman was shorter than 5 feet and wide enough that a young child could not get their arms fully around her.

She always smelled like food. Garlic and oregano, fine cheese and basil.

But her best thing was pastries. Not only did she honor the Italian tradition of tiramisu and cannoli, but turned out some pretty spectacular all-American treats – like blueberry pie.

I don’t remember very much about my maternal grandparents. They moved to Arizona when I was very young and our lives took much different routes. But I remember her blueberry pies.

I wish I had gotten to know her better. To be able to ask her questions about what it was like to leave everything she had ever known as a five year old and travel with her siblings to a new country to live with relatives she had never met.

But most of all, I wish I could give her a big adult hug and thank her for her sacrifice – and her blueberry pie (I do have a copy of her recipe, but have never been able to duplicate the greatness of her work.)

God bless you grandma.