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National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Now there’s a challenge.

I was thinking about new technology the other day as I was flying down an Interstate highway at 70 MPH and passed a woman who was texting while driving. A bit farther down the road, a young man passed me while laughing at a video on his phone.

It is still amazing to me how reliant we have become on our phones. Total disclosure – I am old enough to remember party lines and rotary dial phones, so I may have a different slant on modern communication technology.

We just came back from a short, weekend cruise to the Bahamas. Ship was a-rocking and countless Millenials were bumping into tables, chairs and each other as they walked around the ship, cell phone in hand. When they finally found a place to sit, they were right back at sending and receiving, basically ignoring friends and family members seated with them.

Then you have the jerks who use the small Bluetooth device in their ears to talk while they walk. These are the worst. It’s just very uncomfortable standing next to a stranger at a urinal in the men’s room – and wondering if the guy next to you is talking to you or someone on his invisible phone.

I am not suggesting a total divorce from these wonderful devices, just a bit of common courtesy when using it. How about this for a rule – leave the table or room if you must take or make a call. How about this for a stretch rule – turn off your phone and spend time TALKING to your loved one face to face.

My prayer is that we never lose the ability to communicate on a personal level using only our voice and body. Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?