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Admit You’re Happy Month

I think it’s very telling that we must remind people that they are happy during the month of August. It either says that people generally are not happy and need to be reminded that they should be – or August is really a dead month.

Break it down. August is the end of summer. Kids go back to school. Lawns turn brown from the relentless heat. We start paying close attention to the hurricane tracking charts since most major hurricanes happen in August. No national holidays. Not much to be happy about.

But here’s something to do in the dog days of summer – recreate some happy memories from your past that have been locked away on VHS tapes or 8mm films. Drag out your old HVS tape player and your vintage 8mm film projector, pop some corn, and enjoy.

If you are like most of us, you long ago sold your VHS player and 8mm projector at the community yard sale. So now, all those happy memories are safely locked away in useless media – and are deteriorating with age.

Videotapes bleed and lose quality. Film gets brittle and colors fade over time.
Why not make August the month you dig out all your old media memories and hand them over to us so we can convert them to digital video files?
This will halt the deterioration process and preserve these memories for you to enjoy – and pass down to future generations.

Now that’s a great way to spend some time in August!