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National Smile Week

In almost every tape and film we transfer to digital video, we see heartwarming scenes of family members sharing great times, smiling and laughing.

There is something magic about the smile. It softens almost any situation. It conveys happiness and joy. And, it makes others wonder what you are smiling about.

Do you have old family tapes and films you haven’t seen for years or decades? I’ll bet seeing them again would make you smile.

Seeing your mother when she was younger than you are now…hearing your father’s voice again telling some of those very old stories…seeing yourself at your first birthday party with frosting all over your face…reliving the family vacations you so enjoyed growing up…sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays again with family and friends.

If that doesn’t make you smile, you may need to take your own pulse.

Let us convert all those old, fading and deteriorating tapes and films into modern digital video files. Share them with family and friends by placing them on the cloud. Ensure that future generations will be able to get to know their ancestors.

That should make them smile!